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How to Commission Original Art – 6 Tips to Get the Perfect Piece

An illustrious renaissance portrait of an affluent person on a canvas may be the first thing that pops in your mind when commissioned art is mentioned. In the past, people interested in having their portraits done are very familiar with the process that involves how to commission art. It is also their way of flaunting […]

My Top 22 Tips For Selling Art Online in 2020

The internet has been a great place for content creators and if you are an artist, you can make it big by selling your artwork now online. Annual global sales have been increasing over the years as people opt to purchase items online. But as an artist, how can you succeed in e-commerce? Well, here […]

8 Up-And-Coming New Zealand Artists To Watch Out For

New Zealand is home to many immensely talented individuals. From music artists such as Lorde and Kimbra to actors like Russell Crowe and Sam Neill, there’s no shortage of talent among Kiwis. Even though it is a relatively small country, it still has a huge impact on global pop culture. In fact, artists from New […]