What is Giclée – everything you need to know about giclée art prints.

So you’ve heard the phrase “giclée” or “giclée print” thrown around, but have no idea what it means? It’s easy to get caught up in all the jargon of the art word and feel a little embarrassed about asking for help. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there and I’m here to help! I’ve been and […]

What is considered original art? Originals, giclee, and art prints explained.

          The world of art may seem an intimidating foray – full ofjargon, assumed pretentiousness, and hefty price tags to boot. But it doesn’tneed to be that way. In fact, understanding the terminology used only takes afew minutes and is an interesting history lesson. So you all get to hear the […]

How to light art and other paintings in your home – Part 1: Layout and Placement of Lights

One question I often hear from friends and customers alike is “How do I light my new painting?” This is a question most don’t even consider until we get the painting home and put it on the wall – only realise that things just aren’t quite right. Properly lighting your art will allow you to […]

How to light art and other paintings in your home – Part 2: Choosing a Light Fitting

Buying lighting can be a confusing process full of technical jargon and scientific acronyms. Fortunately, it doesn’t need to be scary. I’ve broken down what you need to look for in the CHEAT SHEET below. if you’re interested in finding out what these words mean then read on and I’ll explain. The best lighting for […]