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How to Commission Original Art – 6 Tips to Get the Perfect Piece

An illustrious renaissance portrait of an affluent person on a canvas may be the first thing that pops in your mind when commissioned art is mentioned. In the past, people interested in having their portraits done are very familiar with the process that involves how to commission art. It is also their way of flaunting […]

How to light art and other paintings in your home – Part 1: Layout and Placement of Lights

One question I often hear from friends and customers alike is “How do I light my new painting?” This is a question most don’t even consider until we get the painting home and put it on the wall – only realise that things just aren’t quite right. Properly lighting your art will allow you to […]

How to light art and other paintings in your home – Part 2: Choosing a Light Fitting

Buying lighting can be a confusing process full of technical jargon and scientific acronyms. Fortunately, it doesn’t need to be scary. I’ve broken down what you need to look for in the CHEAT SHEET below. if you’re interested in finding out what these words mean then read on and I’ll explain. The best lighting for […]

How To Buy Art Online – 7 Tips To Guarantee You Get The Perfect Piece.

You see a piece of art online. You love it. You want to buy it. But there’s always some lingering doubts. Maybe it won’t fit the space? Maybe the colours won’t look the same in real life? Well the good news is, nowadays it’s become increasingly popular to buy art online. Collecting art is like […]